Are you looking for certified Apple specialists to help with your Mac upgrades in Leeds? At iStation all of our technicians have been trained by Apple Certified Support Professionals so they can advise you on the right mac upgrade for your needs. 

We offer storage and memory upgrade services to suit your MacBook, iMac, Mac and Mac Minis. When you upgrade you will prolong the life span of your device and if you require a new device, you can benefit from extra storage space. 

Other upgrades we offer are CPU and GPU upgrades that can be personalised to target the areas that are most important to you. As well as SSD upgrades to help improve your old mechanical hard drives which will also reduce the noise and heat of your device when you’re using it. 

We have a software library that covers all versions of OSX and MacOS. This means that if you’re looking to restore your old device or needing to upgrade to the latest version, we have the skills and products to assist you. 

Our team always strives to provide our customers with an excellent upgrade service. We will always be sure to use the highest quality parts to guarantee that your device is working to the best of its ability. 

You will have peace of mind with our “3 Year” parts warranty that comes with all of our Mac hardware upgrades and during the upgrade process you’ll be regularly updated on the progress status by our friendly team; whether that is a hardware install and configuration or a software update. We are also happy to provide you with any tips, tricks or expert advice if you’re unsure how to upgrade your Mac. 

So put your Apple products in the best hands with iStation. To find out more about the Mac upgrades we offer in Leeds, call us now on 01642 450246.