Servers & Data Storage

Ensuring that the right storage solution is in place to suit your business, be that cloud storage for a predominantly mobile workforce or NAS/SAN based local storage for the most performance intensive applications. We can also administer a server based directory of users and groups to ensure managed access to resources like email, calendars, file servers, printers and other network access are in place, granting the right people access to the right resources.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer periodic remote sessions as part of our managed services where our technicians perform general preventative maintenance. Services offered during these sessions include: system log checks, Updates, package deployment, network monitoring, firmware updates, backup log checks, security and malware checks.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Take control of your mobile environment with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration service. Using MDM you can wirelessly configure and update settings, remotely interrogate devices, wipe or lock managed devices and much more. Deploying apps and software is made simple.

Data Backup

A good backup strategy can consist of two components to ensure safe backup. Typically, the first backup strategy maintains incremental backups locally for disaster recovery, with a second mirror style backup off site to cloud or another location. iStation can monitor the performance of backups remotely and are alerted to any issues affecting backup integrity.

Maintenance SLA

Service level agreement requirements vary by industry and IT application, iStation will work with you to tailor an SLA to suit your business, varying from instant remote fixes to same day hardware repairs.

Apple Repair Services

We provide comprehensive support and repair services for all Apple products. Our technicians undertake regular Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you’re getting help from qualified, experienced professionals. With a proven track record of high customer satisfaction ratings for repair services, we can deliver quick, efficient repairs coupled with an easy, straightforward customer experience.

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